7/25: An Industry Balkanized by Seven Trade Groups Editorial: Seven Trade Groups, No Industry Leader; Guest Perspective: CoSN Emerging Technologies Committee on Collaborative Tools; K-12Leads RFP Of The Week: New Superintendent, New Purchases; K-12 Provider Focus: Renaissance Learning July 18 Earnings Call
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7/18: Measuring Your Trade Group's Value Editorial: What Are a Trade Group's First Priorities?; Perspective: Phadke on The Online Global Tutor-Student Exchange; RFP of The Week from K-12Leads: Tuscon's Getting Every Requirement It Can Specified Up Front
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7/11: Reconsidering Federal Funding for K-12 R&D Editorial: K-12 R&D - The Problem is Incentives, Not Investment; Perspective: Mission Smarts on the Need  to Localize Venture Philanthropy; RFP of The Week: Two New Market Segments - Truancy Reduction and Student Newsletters
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7/4: Coping With The New Philanthropy Editorial: Philanthropyâ��s Impact on the School Improvement Industry (II): A Coping Strategy; Perspective:  NEKIA's Kohlmoos on Educationâ��s Inconvenient Truth; School Improvement & Youth Education Market's RFP of the Week:  k-2 Math Curriculum Alignment
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