Editorial: The School Improvement Industry's Future Runs Through Washington - Our Very First Letter From The Editor of January 12, 2003
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12/19 SIIW The Podcast: RFP Report Services From the School Improvement Markets Report (12/19) - RFP Reporting Services: What We Do, What to Look for in Our Competition
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12/12 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: Our Editorial Values (Encore Presentation from January 17, 2005)
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12/5 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: Poitical Risk Continued; Guest Column: NEKIA's CEO Jim Kohlmoos on a Tipping Point for Knowledge-Driven Reform
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11/28 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: From Firm Risk to Political Risk, Weekly Highlights, Guest Column: eSchoolmall's CEO Andy Flanagan on Technology and the Sales Cycle
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11/21 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: One Big Tent (text at www.siiwonline.com/BigTent.html), Highlights
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11/14 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: Our Mental Market Map (the map can be found at www.siiwonline.com/OurMktMap.html), Highlights of the Week, Guest Column: CoSN's Elizabeth Engel on the Cyber Classroom of Tomorrow - in Five Years.
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11/7 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: Industry Regulation By Adapative Management; November 7 Highlights; Guest Column: Education Capital on the Ideal k-12 Investor
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10/31 SIIW The Podcast Editorial - Deconstructing the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations; Highlights from SII Weekly; EIA's Steve Pines on the Providers View of SES Implementation
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10/24 SIIW The Podcast Editorial- RAND's Evaluation of Edison: A Miss is as Good as a Mile; SI Weekly Highlights - Everything NAEP, Reading First Conflicts of Interest, Offshoring E-Tutoring, Cascarino on Small Nonprofits' Acting Big
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10/17 SIIW The Podcast Editorial - The Verge of a Revolution in Education Affairs?: (I) Necessity, What's Inside SIIW This Week, Guest Column - NEKIA�s Kohlmoos on Rebuilding Communities with Knowledge.
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10/10 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: School Improvement as the Bleeding Edge of the Textbook Market?, Highlights from SII Weekly
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10/3 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: Conflicts of Interest or Industry Maturity?; Highlights from SII Weekly; Andy Flanagan of eschoolmall on eProcurement; Anirudh Phadke of Career Launcher on Remote Relief
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9/26 SIIW The Podcast Letter from the Editor: Organizing the District (IV) - Reconstruction for Success Under NCLB, Highlights from this week's issue, Guest Column: Keith Krueger and Jon Bernstein on Threats to Federal EdTech Funding.
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9/19 SIIW The Podcast Letter from The Editor: Organizing the District: (III) Preconditions for Gulf Coast Reconstruction; Highlighhts from SII Weekly; Guest Column: Bill Bavin, on Annual Organization Self-Assessment.
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9/12 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: A Strategy of Compassion is Called for in Katrina�s Aftermath; 9/12 SII Weekly Highlights; Guest Column: Steve Pines on EIA�s Response to Katrina. Please letr us know about your role in the school imprivement industry and interests in future editorials at editor@siiwonline.com
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9/5 SIIW The Podcast Editorial: Organizing the District: (I) Deconstructing & Reconstructing �Success�; September 5 Highlighights; Guest Column: For Nonprofits, Implementation and Branding Go �Hand in Hand� With the New Year; Katrina information: Dept of Ed Fact Sheet (www.ed.gov/news/hurricane/factsheet.html); LA Sec. Ed Picard 9/2 statement (http://www.doe.state.la.us.); EIA relief effort (spines@educationindustry.org); NCEP/CER relief effort (cer@edreform.com or call 1-800-521-2118)
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8/29 SIIW The Podcast Encore Editorial: Looking at the School Improvement Marketplace Through a Rose-Colored Spyglass (Parts I-II)
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8/22 SIIW The Podcast Encore Editorial: Department of Education Management of Adequate Yearly Progress (Parts I-II) My Odeo Channel (odeo/ebd078fbd9b3dfc3)
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8/15 SIIW The Podcast Encore Editorials: On Industry Fragmentation (Parts I-III)
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8/8 SIIW The Podcast Encore Editorials: School Improvement: How Long an Emerging Industry? (Parts I-III)
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8/1 SIIW The Podcast Rules for Educators Purchasing School Improvement Programs, Weekly Highlights, EIA President Pines on An Ethical Industry. Please let us know what you think about this podcast, why you listen and how we can make it better for you. Five Most Useful Comments by August 19 - Positive or Negative - Will win a free site license to SII Weekly and K12Leads.com - a $1000 value.
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7/25 SIIW The Podcast Getting Serious About R&D, SII Weekly Highlights, Outsourcing Tutors, Educator Assessment of Wilson Language Training, Write Us At editor@siiwonline.com
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7/18 SIIW The Podcast Time to Start Changing an Unfavorable Future Circa 2008, Highlights, A List for Entrepreneurs in Need of Capital, and write me for samples of our new product lineup at editor@siiwonline.com
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7/11 SIIW The Podcast The Teachers K-12 Investment Fund (Part III), This Week in SIIW, Special Offer to Podacst Listeners
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7/4 SIIW The Podcast CMOs Won't Work As EMOs, Joy Won't Fund NonProfit Scale, Slavin Takes On The System
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6/27 SIIW The Podcast Teachers k-12 Investment Fund (II), News Highlights, NEKIA on Knowledge Management
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6/20 SIIW - The Podacst What if the Teachers Unions Bought the School Improvement Industry?, Highlights of the Week, Most Useful Comment on Scholastic Reading, CoSN Compares Open Source to Proprietary Software Costs
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6/12 SIIW The Podcast SII Weekly's Editorial Approach, Highlights of June 12 Issue, Winner of k12programs.com Best Educator Comment (ipod won every week), Perspective on Selling to School Districts.
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6/6 SIIW  The Podcast AYP Regulation and Adaptive Management PLUS Steve Pines on the Education Industry Association. Visit us at www.siiwonline.com and our sister blog www.k12programs.com/blog - a free service with educator reviews of 150+ school improvement industry providers. We give an ipod mini each week for the best program review by a teacher. Sign on! School Improvement Industry Weekly now just $25/year. Emailed for Monday Morning. Everything Hotlinked to its source. www.siiwonline.com
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5/30 SIIW The Podcast Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? (and) An Investor Grades the 2004-2005 School Year
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5/23 SIIW The Podcast Four Disturbing Business Opportunities
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5/16 SIIW The Podcast On a Clear Day You Can See the Paradigm (and hear the guest column)
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5/9 SIIW The Podcast A Systemic Paradigm Built on Institutional Strengths
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5/2 SIIW The Podcast Barriers to Venture Investment
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4/25 SIIW The Podcast No Child Left Behind: Civil Rights Trumps States Rights
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